The Mother Teresa Fellowship

Conceptualized in 2012 by Amit Chandra, the Mother Teresa Fellowship is an early-career Fellowship programme for graduates from Ashoka University who are committed to a career in social impact. The programme uses a values-based leadership approach to build innate strength and resilience that enable young leaders to successfully navigate complex and challenging situations. Developing a better understanding of the self and how that relates to the work we do form the foundation of the Fellowship.
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"The goal of the Mother Teresa Fellowship is to empower people who are committed to serving underprivileged communities and creating meaningful impact in society."
- Amit Chandra

Fellow quotes

The Mother Teresa Fellowship has played a crucial role in my life in not only making me realise who I am but also who I want to be and maybe how I can get there. It has helped reinforce in me a certain set of values and has made me self-conscious of whether I am practicing those values in my real life or no. It has also been a platform where I have had the opportunity to meet the best of the people and establish organic real relationships with them, without any artificialities. A community like the MTF, according to me, is essential for everyone who wants to embark on this journey of wanting to 'change the world', because we need companions in that journey, and we need friends.
- Ojas, MTF 2016

The journey of working in the social impact sector is often as much a personal journey as a professional one. Many of my heroes in life often talk about intertwining of the personal and the professional as a way of maximizing one’s potential, a way towards contentment. The MTF journey enabled me to look into the aspects of the self and work towards them. Also, interactions with co-fellows working on the ground bring newer insights into the conventional top-down approach of problem solving that I resort to in my work.
- Pranay Patil, MTF 2016

I am often asked, "What is Mother Teresa Fellowship?", "How is it really helping you?", "What does it mean to you?". I am very happy to see the answers to these questions beginning to crystallize. MTF has rendered an environment where I can be myself, shed all my inhibitions and become a part of a group that embraces your weaknesses and celebrates your strengths. The devotion, sincerity of purpose, and steadfastness of every fellow in the cohort is infectious and leaves me reinvigorated every time. For me the fellowship has been that wall, that anchor, the reassurance that I am not alone in this journey!
- Sayali Marwar, MTF 2016