Can I be a MTF Fellow alongside my full-time job?

Yes, absolutely. The Fellowship is meant for graduates and alumni from Ashoka University who are working full-time in the social impact sector. The programme runs parallel to your full-time role and is designed in a way that it adds to the work you are doing.

Do I need a job in the social impact sector when applying for MTF?

You are not required to have a job in the social impact sector at the time of application. This implies that you can apply for the Fellowship while you are looking for a job in social impact. However, you are required to have an offer letter in hand before the start of the Fellowship on July 1st, 2018.

If I get selected, does MTF speak to my employer about the Fellowship programme?

Yes, MTF will speak to your employer about the Fellowship and explain the benefits of being a part of the programme to them. However, once selected, Fellows are encouraged to take the first step and be proactive in facilitating that communication.

Is attendance at the MTF forums (orientation and workshops) compulsory?

Yes, it is mandatory for each Fellow to attend all the forums for their entire duration. Failure to do so can lead to termination of the Fellowship. Exceptions might be granted in situations of personal emergency or health related circumstances.

What if my employer is not okay with me attending the MTF forums?

The MTF forums are planned in a way that they only take you away physically from your job for 30 days over the course of 18-months. To the maximum extent possible, we have included weekends in the forums so the Fellow is away from work for the least amount of time.
Once selected, Fellows are encouraged to tell their employers about the forums well in advance. Where required, MTF will also step-in to assist with that conversation.

Are there any tips for those applying for the programme?

Please remember that MTF is not an easy programme. It is designed to push Fellows out of their comfort zones physically, emotionally and mentally. Be sure that you are prepared for the rigour of the programme.
In terms of the application and selection process, the only tip we have is to be genuine!